MosquitoCon Rescheduled to July 31st, 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic, New Jersey IPMS has rescheduled MosquitoCon to July 31st of 2021. There’s no indication that there will be a reduction in the severity of the pandemic before our regular show date in early April, and there is little chance that vaccinations will be wide-spread enough at that point.

Thank you to everyone for understanding. We want to get back to the usual show schedule as much as everyone else, and to do it safely.

MosquitoCon 29 Rescheduled to April 10th, 2021

From Big Bill Schwarz, President NJIPMS, the e-board and members of New Jersey IPMS:
We wish all of our long time vendors, contestants and walk in show goer’s to know that because of current situations due to COVID-19, we are not allowed to have our show in August!!
Therefore, we’ve made the decision to go ahead and move the show months in the future to what would be our regular show date of April 10, 2021 – same time and same place. A lot if not all of our vendors are hopping on the train with us so we are simply rolling the show over intact. I will be emailing and corresponding with our long time vendors and friends to make all aware. A lot have already committed. With more shows cancelling every day its in best for all involved that we do it this way. We as a club will put absolutely no one at risk at ant time or place !! We also know this is a very well liked and attended show !!
We will see what happens in the coming months and the club and e-board wish to apologize that we couldn’t make it happen. We have gotten through blizzards and have overcome many obstacles over the last 30 years, but this is quite different!
At this time I would again like to thank each and every modeller,shopper,vendor and lookers that have made MOSQUITOCON what it is and we look very forward to seeing you all in the not to distant future!!
Until then , build models , stay safe and well, live long and mostly enjoy every day !!!
SEE YOU ALL SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Regards , Big Bill Schwarz President , The Executive Board and the Membership of NJIPMS


Mike O’Connor

NJIPMS lost a long-standing member this past week. We’re sad to announce that Mike O’Connor passed away on June 24th. A club member since the very early days of NJIPMS in the 1970’s, Mike will be truly missed.

Visitation is Saturday 12 Noon till 200 PM at Fiore Funeral Home, 236 Monmouth Road, Oakhurst, NJ  Only 30 people will be allowed in at any one time, and face mask and social distancing required. To leave condolences and for more information, please visit

Second May Newsletter Uploaded

Editor extraordinaire Bill Schroeter has put out a second-half for the May newsletter, with more club information and Memorial Day remembrances. Find it on the Newsletter page.

Just a reminder to all: until further notice, all NJIPMS meetings are cancelled until further notice. Watch your emails for a link to join one of the club’s Zoom meetings.

Meetings Status and Newsletter

As most probably already have figured out, the May and June club meetings have been CANCELLED. Again, continue to check here and the Newsletter for the most up to date information.

And speaking of the Newsletter, the most recent edition has been uploaded to the Newsletter page. Our industrious editor says that he may have a second volume this month, with so many articles coming in.

April Meeting CANCELLED

As everyone probably already has heard, and can guess with the current state of events, the April meeting of NJIPMS has been CANCELLED. Future meetings will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Continue to watch here, the Facebook group, and the newsletter, for information on future dates.

Everyone be safe out there.

MosquitoCon 29 Updated Flyer

With the rescheduling of MosquitoCon 29, the flyer needed to be updated to reflect the new date of August 22nd, 2020. Click on the icon to the left to download the updated version (essentially, the date is all that has changed).

Everyone stay safe out there, and build a model!

MosquitoCon Rescheduled! August 22nd, 2020!

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, including but not limited to reasons of state, and possibly soon national, bans on events with large groups, we have rescheduled MosquitoCon 29 to August 22nd, 2020.

From President Bill Schwarz:

“To the membership: Due to the virus, MosquitoCon 29 is rescheduled to 22 August 2020. Same place, same time. There are no other shows in conflict, and we have cleared matters with all parties involved. Also, it is unclear if we will have meetings over the next 2 or 3 months, but we will let everyone know as soon as we do. I want you all to be safe and take precautions, to put all of this crap behind us as fast as possible. Remember one last thing: this eboard is on top of everything, all the time. We run the club and run it well. You all are in capable hands! Things will be back in balance soon. All of you take care and watch for emails, Facebook posts, and website updates. Thanks for your time.

– Big Bill, Vince, Mike, Joe, Dan and Devin, your NJIPMS Eboard. ”

MosquitoCon 29. August 22nd. Different Date. Same place. Same time. Better Weather.