MosquitoCon 29

MOSQUITOCON 29 Full Contest Results Posted!

MOSQUITOCON 29 “Best Of” Winners

As a quick day-after-the-show update, we have the “Best Of” winners:

Best Armor: Bergepanther – Mark Kleinfelter
Best Sci-Fi: Ma.K Kuster – Peter Conde
Best Civilian: US Bulldozer – Tim Axe
Best Ship: IJN Taiho – Dan Kaplan
Best Aircraft: Bell P-400 Airacobra – Chad Bowser
Best of the Rest: Bob the Half Orc – Eric Flesher
Best Tailhook: S3B Viking – Andrew White
Best Vietnam Subject: F-4B Phantom – Darrin Cook
Judge’s Best in Show: IJN Taiho – Dan Kaplan
Best Junior: Battle Scar At-ST – William Santucci

Photos of the Best Of winners can be seen HERE.

Photos of the rest of the show entries can be seen at the links below:

Air Armor Civillian

Ships and Figures  |  Space and Sci-Fi  |  Miscellaneous

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July 31st, 2021

from 9am to 5pm at the

Wayne PAL Hall, PAL Drive Wayne, NJ

Show Theme: “That’s Entertainment”
Show Entry Fee: $15

Show Walk-In Fee: $10

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Updated as of 5/18/2021This is an editable PDF, so you can either print this out and fill it in by hand, or add the information with your computer.

Last Year’s Show Photos

Curious as to what the turnout at at MosquitoCon looks like? Check out the photos from last year’s show:

Air Armor Automotive

Ships All Others

Vendor’s Room

Here are the initial vendors that are so far confirmed for the show. This list will grow quite a bit and be updated as more information comes in.

Micro Mark | Ridgefield Hobbies | Guinta Ships

Larry’s Legions | Rare Plane Detective | Werner’s Wings

Relic Golden Amusements | Gene’s Hobbies | Microworld Games LLC

Hobbyworld USA | Vasquez Tools | Digital Realm SciFi


And many more!


Every year we’re extremely fortunate to have some great donations from some well known companies for the show’s raffle. Here are just some of those that have already sent in items. This list will be updated as more items come in.

Eagle Editions Ltd. | Kalmbach Media | TruColor

Steel Beach | Pegasus Hobbies | Woodland Scenics

Caracal Models