AMT/ ERTL 1997 Ford Mustang

mustangReview by Hugh J. Gilmartin, Jr.
Price $11.50
Parts, 120
Skill level-moderate

As I started pre-construction inspection of the kit, several items jumped out for attention for the club modeler.

1) The heads and valve covers for the engine are in several parts that have proven to be a fit nightmare, but using dry-fit procedures eventually got the parts right. The real parts are cast in one piece as these parts should be.

2) The body is well-moulded, no pin marks, no ejector pin marks, no flash and appear to be accurate based on inspections and reviews by my local Ford dealership.

3) The kit is set up in modules that will allow the modeler to keep track of progress-the instructions are clear, well-detailed and have hints and tips included to aid construction. The modules are front and rear suspensions, chassis, engine/transmission, body and interior.

4) 120 parts seem too much for the average modeler, especially the young modelers we are trying to interest in the hobby. However, I personally accept this for the sake of accuracy.

Overall impression, a good kit for the modeler on a budget, excellent subject material and look forward to more kits out of Revell-Monogram. I will keep all updated as construction progresses.