MosquitoCon 26 Trophy Sponsorships

On behalf of the membership of NJIPMS, and our guests, we’d like to thank all of the IPMS clubs, members, friends, and businesses that donate every year to provide for the trophy packages at for MosquitoCon. We truly appreciate your generosity and support.

Category Number


Sponsored by

1 Single Engine Prop Aircraft, 1/72 & Smaller IPMS Baltimore
2 Multi-Engine Prop Aircraft, 1/72 & Smaller Ricardo von Puttkammer in memory of Richard Zaris
3 Single Engine Prop Aircraft, 1/48 Long island Scale Modelers
4 Multi-Engine Prop, 1/48 Dave DiNardo NJIPMS
5 Jet Aircraft, 1/72 & Smaller Steve Zajac NJIPMS
6 Jet Aircraft, 1/48 Steve Zajac NJIPMS
7 Props & Jets, 1/32 & Larger Vince D’Alessio in memory of Jim Merrigan
8 Rotary Wing, All Scales Ricardo von Puttkammer NJIPMS
9 Commercial – Civil & Racing, All Scales Northern Virginia IPMS
10 Vacuforms & Resin Aircraft, All Scales Delaware Valley Scale Modelers
11 Conversions & Scratchbuilds, All Scales Simon Vichnevetsky NJIPMS
Military Vehicles
12 Miltary Vehicles, Armored & Soft-Skinned, 1/72 & Smaller Central Pennsylvania AMPS
13 Miltary Vehicles, Armored & Soft-Skinned, 1/48 Scale Tom Hendersaon NOVA
14 AFV, Tracked & Wheeled, Pre-1945, 1/35 & Larger Central Pennsylvania AMPS
15 AFV, Tracked & Wheeled, Post-1945, 1/35 & Larger CentralPenn IPMS
16 Wheeled Soft Skins, 1/35 & Larger Errin Hoffman
17 Self Propelled Ordinance – All Types and Scales IPMS Niagra Frontier
18 Towed Ordinance – All Types and Scales Kleinfelter Renovations
19 Commercial Conversions, All Scales Kleinfelter Renovations
20 Major Conversions & Scratchbuilds, All Scales Jerry Hughson in honor of Todd Butler
21 Battleships, Cruisers & Carriers, 1/400 & Larger Northern Virginia IPMS
22 Battleships, Cruisers & Carriers, 1/401 & Smaller Jeremy Moore
23 Ships, All Others, All Scales Gerry Rinaldi NJIPMS
24 Submarines, All Scales IPMS-DC
Civilian Vehicles
25 Automotive, All Types – Smaller than 1/25th IPMS-DC
26 Automotive, All Types – Larger than 1/24th CentralPenn IPMS
27 Stock – 1/24th & 1/25th Mike Pavlo NJIPMS in memory of Darryl Peters
28 Custom – 1/24th & 1/25th Northern Virginia IPMS
29 Street Rod (1948 & Earlier) – 1/24th & 1/25th Northern Virginia IPMS
30 Street Machine (1949 & Later) – 1/24th & 1/25th Jeremy Moore
31 Competition, Open Wheel (excluding Drag) – 1/24th & 1/25th IPMS Mid-Hudson Valley
32 Competition, Closed Wheel (excluding Drag) – 1/24th & 1/25th IPMS Baltimore
33 Competition, Drag – 1/24th & 1/25th Northern Virginia IPMS
34 Commercial/Trucks – All Types & Scales Northern Virginia IPMS
35 Motorcylces, All Scales Glenda Grandioso NJIPMS
Space & Sci-FI
36 Factual Vehicles, All Scales Northern Virginia IPMS
37 Fictional Vehicles, All Scales Jim Lincoln NJIPMS
38 Beings, Robots & Suits, All Scales IPMS Roanoke
39 Figures, 54mm & Smaller Luis Silva NJIPMS
40 Figures, 55mm & Larger IPMS-DC
41 Vignettes & Dioramas, All Types & Scales Luis Silva NJIPMS
42 Miscellaneous, All Types & Scales IPMS Roanoke
43 Trifecta, All Types & Scales Chazz Klanian of IPMS Richmond
44 Classic Plastic – All Types & Scales (any 20+ year old kit) Andreas Constantinou NJIPMS
45 Juniors, All Types & Scales CentralPenn IPMS
Molly Klanica Award for Best Junior Subject Central NJ IPMS in memory of Pete Flanigan
Special Awards
Best Tailhook (USN Naval Aircraft) Award IPMS Baltimore
Best of the Rest (anything not Air/Armor/Ship/Civilian) The Klanica Family in memory of Molly Klanica
Best Civilian Northern Virginia IPMS
Andrei Koribanics Memorial Award for Best Aircraft IPMS Patriot Chapter
Art Gerber Memorial Award for Best Armor Bill & Eric Schroeter NJIPMS
Bill Marshall Memorial Award for Best Ship IPMS Baltimore
Best Theme:  “Cold War” Greg Tarris-SME club
Norm Kennedy Memorial Award for Judges Best in Show In Memory of Shaun Buenzly-1997 IPMS Nats Best Junior winner
Best Vietnam Subject-Walley Valechko Memorial IPMS Richmond
Best Sci-Fi Jon DaSilva NJIPMS