MosquitoCon 32 Contest Rules

  1. Each MosquitoCon 31 registrant will be eligible for only one award per category (No Sweeps). Only registrants will be able to enter the contest. For each category – depending on the number of entries – there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place award.
  2. Models are entered solely at the entrant’s risk. New Jersey IPMS, Wayne PAL, Judges, Modelers and IPMS/USA do not assume any liability for loss or damage to any model.
  3. Models that have won at an IPMS Regional 2 Regional contest prior to this show, or have won at any IPMS USA National will not be eligible. Models that have won at other Regions Regional shows as well at any other local show are eligible.
  4. Any attempt to influence the judges in any way will result in all of the modeler’s entries being disqualified.
  5. Models may be displayed on a base of reasonable size. Bases will not be judged in any category except Diorama. Any entry which, by virtue of its base or setting, depicts a story or a theme must be entered in the Diorama category.
  6. Markings will be the sole determinant between the civil and military categories.
  7. The Best Civilian Subject Award must be a non-military subject to qualify. Models can be a subject of military origins in civilian markings, i.e. a P-51 displayed as an air racer or an IL-76 in Aeroflot markings. Markings must be authentic and reference or documentation material must be available.
  8. Pre-1945 refers to vehicles that fought in or were designed to fight in the Second World War. “Paper Panzers”, whether real or conceptual, will be placed in the Pre-1945 category. Post-1945 refers to vehicles that fought after the Second World War. An example of Post-1945 armor would be vehicles that fought in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947, the Korean War, etc.
  9. Contest Registration Committee will assist in determining an entries category at the time of registration; but, the final determination is at the discretion of the Chief Judge. The decisions of the Chief Judge are Final. Categories may also be combined or split at the judges’ discretion.
  10. Junior entrants (age 17 or younger) may compete in either the junior or regular categories, or both.
  11. Major conversions must be a substantial reworking of the model to a different version. Commercial conversions are a separate category.
  12. Vacu-form category is reserved for those models which were constructed from a kit. At least 60% of the kit must be vacu-formed and most major structures must be vacu-formed.
  13. Any odd scale entries will be placed with the closest scale (i.e., 1/50 may be placed with 1/48; 1/76 with 1/72, 1/720 with 1/700, etc.) at judges’ discretion.
  14. Trifecta: 3 models of different classes grouped and displayed as a single entry. The models will be judged as a group, with overall quality determining placement. Credit will be given for diversity of entries. Entries must be composed of 3 models selected from 3 of different categories (i.e., 1/700 Battleship, 1/48th aircraft, 1/35th armor). No more than 1 of the 3 models constituting an entry may have won as an individual entry in a previous contest.
  15. Classic Plastic: Entry must be built from a kit originally released at least 25 years. More recent reissues of the kit are permitted, as well as any amount of detailing or improvement by whatever means to the kit.
  16. Entries should not be removed from the display area until after the awards ceremony. The sponsoring chapter assumes no responsibility for contacting award winners whose entries are removed prior to the awards ceremony, or for mailing unclaimed awards. Removing entries earlier than the aforementioned time may disqualify the entry for consideration for any special awards (Best Theme, Best in Class, Best in Show, etc.)
  17. Special Award Category: 1960s” – This category covers any aircraft, vehicle, ship, figure, or any other model that is presented as it appeared during the decade of the 1960s.  If you perceive there may be any question as to whether your entry is eligible for this special award, you are encouraged to display references and documentation with the model that prove the entries strong tie to the theme — it could be the deciding factor in a close contest.