New Photo Hosting Added

We’ve been going through the process of setting up a new photo hosting location for the club. When the old website went down and we set up the new one, we really had no idea how many hundreds, even thousands, of photos had accumulated over the years. While this website runs on WordPress and does beautifully handling that job, adding that many photos to the main database could possibly cause issues down the line, and would make data backups massive and ungainly.

We’re using ZenFolio for the large photo features, especially the MosquitoCon and other photo-intense features that we will have on the site. As of now, this and last year’s MosquitoCon photos are uploaded. As we finish tweaking the appearance of the site and adding new content, we will post here to let you know.

The main NJIPMS page at ZenFolio can be found here: