September Meeting: Sci-Fi Night

Another great turnout for Sci-Fi night this year. Everything from old kits to new kits to scratch-builds filled the table. The food and open bar were a big hit, as usual (attendance was very high!). The club meeting covered various items, including information on who will attend the upcoming Region 2 and MarauderCon shows this fall (information on both on the Upcoming Events page).

Next month is Russian Night. Get your red stars ready…

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September Newsletter Uploaded


The September 2016 edition of the MosquitoGram has been uploaded to the Newsletter page. In it are a couple of build articles, a write-up of the IPMS Nationals show in Columbia, SC, and other information.

The September club meeting is the same place and time as usual. Food and drink will be provided by the club.

As noted in the From the Editor section, if anyone is interested in taking over newsletter editor duties, the please do get in touch with the current editor and let him know.