December 2015 Meeting

2015-12-11 20.04.14The New Jersey IPMS 2015 year came to a close on December 12th, with the annual party. Good food and good company were in abundance, as well as a great selection of the first-place winners from this year’s modeling contests.

We start of January with the F-4 Phantom group build completion, so if you took a kit please do all you can to make sure it’s finished by January’s meeting, and if not, bring along what you do have done.

Also for the January meeting, the tree building demonstration will continue. If you haven’t taken part yet, please feel free to join in, as the process will be described from the start, so everyone can catch-up.

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November 2015 Meeting: #13

2015-11-13 19.37.38A little tardy in getting the photos uploaded from last month’s meeting, but here they are.  We had a fantastic turnout for #13 Night. The rules were that the subject had to encompass the number 13 in some way, and you guys got really creative: we had aircraft from VF-13, a Zero that’s serial number added up to 13, a 2013 car, and a diorama with a house address of 13 on the tiny mailbox door.

Photos are below. December’s meeting is on the 11th, and we’ll be celebrating the holiday season with our annual party. See everyone there.

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