June 2013 Meeting Photos

The June 2013 meeting went off without a hitch.  North Africa Night saw a limited turn out, but the quality of the work more than made up for the lack of entries.  The meeting portion of the night saw mention of the Quarter Midget racecar group build for next month, and the discussion of the next group build, which may be 1/350th scale destroyers or other small escorts (the new 1/350th scale Flower class corvettes look very nice, and are inexpensive).

Below is a slideshow of the entries on the table, and other kits brought along to showcase the in-progress on some.  *NOTE*: One of the photos features nudity.  If small scale representations of naked flesh offend you, then look away.

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U.S.S. New Jersey Club Display

On Saturday, May 18th, members of NJIPMS visited the U.S.S. New Jersey in Camden for a club display.  Set up in the ship’s wardroom, club members displayed completed models, answered questions, and worked on current projects.  The battleship staff and visitors were very happy with the event, and may do another this coming fall.

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